Cartmell & Barlow Ltd

Cartmell & Barlow produces superior quality oak caskets encompassing over 100 years of the Company's craftsmanship and traditional skills

Quality Craftsmanship

Since 1878

​​​Though customs have changed since this business was founded in 1878, one thing has remained constant - a strict adherence to our policy of quality.

 To ensure this, men of many years experience in cabinet making and wood finishing, hand build each coffin and casket and bring out the grain, so producing a luxurious finish that bespeaks of high quality.

 The beauty of the memory picture is further enhanced by rich interior materials, in colouring that reflect natural tints. These are harmoniously blended to create a completely satisfying ensemble.

 In every detail from the treatment of the fine timbers and the selected fabrics, to the perfection of finish and needlework, the Cartmell & Barlow coffins and caskets truly serve their purpose in providing ultimate beauty and in creating goodwill for the funeral director, by enabling them to supply a coffin or casket that enhances their reputation.

 All of our coffins and caskets are hand crafted and of British manufacture.  All of our materials are FSC Trademark - this is trademark recognised as the environmental standard of wood products.

Coffin range

A historical tradition of high quality coffins and caskets

casket range

Our new design range of coffins. We pride ourselves at Cartmell and Barlow of being able to provide something different to our customers. 

DESIGN range

What do you mean by service? In 1944 an American plane crashed on to a village school in the Fylde killing 37 children and 9 adults.

Cartmell & Barlow prides itself on producing quality hand crafted coffins and caskets that are finished to the highest standards.


Quality Craftsmanship Since 1878

NEW Design

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