What do you mean by service? In 1944 an American plane crashed on to a village school in the Fylde killing 37 children and 9 adults. The American authorities, in consultation with the Chief Constable of Lancashire, interviewed the local Undertaker and there is no doubt that the Chief Constable was sceptical as to the Undertaker's ability to handle the job.

The Americans, however, asked a straight question - "Can you undertake to have 46 suitable coffins here in the village by 9am Saturday, and if so tell us how you can do it?"

Our customer then pointed out that he had a firm of wholesale coffin manufacturers behind him, and that he could guarantee to deliver the coffins at the time stated.

The Americans, who were standing the whole cost of the funeral gave him the go-ahead. Cartmell & Barlow received the order at 3pm on Thursday and at 8am Saturday the coffins, what had been specially made and fully trimmed, were loaded onto an RAF lorry. Cartmell & Barlow's name was never mentioned of course. That is how it should be and how we would wish.

There are suppliers (many new to the trade) who are cutting the prices, a few pounds here and there, and it is a temtation to patronise them, especially when business is quiet, but can they give you the service all year round and especially in times of emergency.

Cartmell & Barlow coffin manufacturers have been doing it since 1878!




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